Twenty years with SLHT

Top image: Interview from Internetguiden no. 9 1995. I already had a homepage when the net was young in 1995, when there were only 23 500 unique sites. Yes I was on a shared domain, but still the world was small. Remember that Google first started in 1998 when the size increased to 2 410 067. In 1995 Altavista and Yahoo was as close as you could get to finding  out where things were back then. [Source]

In 2017 the company “Set Lonnert Humanistics & Technology” celebrated its 20th birthday. During the years I have been involved with writing articles, a little pamphlet early on Java, educated people in programming, worked as a freelance computer journalist, ¬†discussed thoughts on computers and future technology, much much programming during the 90ties, etc.

During these years I have tried to combine my interests in the humanities and technology in every wide sense of these concepts.

Now the focus is deep learning and things happening around that. Also looking at other phenomena such as the larger web 3.0, or smaller PWA.

I would like to bring you a better understanding of computing in general, and to specific areas of interest. I have a background in what maybe apprehended as the outdated analytical philosophy; often appreciated as replaced by science proper. But precisely the analytical could play an important role in clarity and simplicity of concepts used in this field. My experience with computers since the late 70’ties, and a combination with academical humanistics gives another perspective on the current and future connections to society, that usually is underlined within the business. I hope.

Bottom image: My first opinion article from Computer Sweden no. 11 1984. The theme that coding is what is central to get the idea of programming is still prevalent. My argument has been that this misses the target, as we should widen the aim. Moreover, with a move towards neural nets, programming now might change drastically from the art of coding to training and maintaining networks.

The company Set Lonnert Humanistics & Technology (SLHT) established 1997 produces foremost programs, articles, books, different paper works, keeps with journalistic missions, educational materials and lectures, in the general computer area. A selection of printed articles.